We locate, evaluate and negotiate on property in Europe frequently. Our expertise saves time,  money and opens doors to opportunities that you will not easily find alone. The many hours you might have already spent before arriving at this page validates our point! For truely independant advice contact us to discuss your requirements.  In addition (donate fee to xyz charity”

Stage 1 We make a brief

We listen to you and together we build a picture of your ideal property, where it will be located and who will and how you will use it along with a timescale and budget.

Stage 2 We search for you

We have extensive contacts for both on and off market properties in many areas and we will produce a concise list to discuss with you. We can view for you or arrange for you to visit in person.

Stage 3 We negotiate for you

Having settled on a property that you want to purchase we negotiate the best price possible.

E4U FAQ why are we different?

E4U are 100% independent. E4U’s Agenda is focused 100% on that of our clients and ensuring they get the property they want at the price they want on the timescale they want. E4U values Estate agents and on your behalf, we will and do work with many of them. We differ from an Estate agent because they represent and work for the property vendor and E4U represents the property buyer. Our clients feel secure and safe that E4U are not only saving them a lot of time, but we are safeguarding their interests always.

E4U FAQ Fees

E4U We charge an opening fee of £500 / euro 600, which is solely to confirm that the intention of purchasing a property is serious. The final invoice is mainly based on success and calculated at 2.5% percent of the purchase price.

E4U FAQ Advantages

Privileged access to the market

Our consultants work closely with real estate agents, independent brokers, directly with property owners as well as professionals related to real estate such as solicitors, architects, real estate developers and bankers. With your requirements and best interests in mind, we will diligently assess every opportunity for you.

Personalized service
Property Hunt offers a tailor-made service and places your interests at the centre of the business.

Complete independence
As we have no ties to any real estate agency, E4U is an independent property search company.

Our favourite locations

  • Swiss Cities

    Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Neuchatel, Basel

  • Swiss Alps

    Resorts of Canton Vaud & Valais

  • Chamonix
  • The Algarve, Portugal

    Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Neuchatel, Basel

  • Lake Maggiore (Lago Verbàno), Italy

    Resorts of Canton Vaud & Valais

  • London

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